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Howlin' Wolf - Evil (2002)

Evil é uma ótima coletânea das músicas dele lançadas pelas gravadoras Sun e Chess nos anos cinquenta.

CD 1   

01. Smokestack Lightnin'
02. Moanin' At Midnight   
03. How Many More Years?  
04. Baby How Long?  
05. I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline)  
06. Who Will Be Next?  
07. Crying At Daybreak  
08. Forty Four  
09. Riding In The Moonlight  
10. Saddle My Pony (Gonna Find My Baby Out In The World)  
11. Evil (Is Going On) 
12. Oh Red!   
13. The Wolf Is At Your Door (Howlin' For My Baby)
14. My Last Affair
15. I Love My Baby 
16. All Night Boogie (All Night Long)   

CD 2     

01. Goin' Back Home 
02. My Life  
03. Somebody In My Home 
04. Sitting On Top Of The World
05. Poor Boy  
06. I'm Leavin' You  
07. So Glad
08. Getting Old And Grey
09. Worried All The Time 
10. No Place To Go   
11. I'll Be Around   
12. I Want Your Picture
13. I Have A Little Girl  
14. My Baby Stole Off  
15. Passing By Blues  
16. Mr. Highway Man  
17. Don't Mess With My Baby 

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