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Mississippi Fred McDowell - I Do Not Play No Rock 'N' Roll (1969)

McDowell levou 25 anos a mais que seus contemporâneos para tocar numa guitarra elétrica. Para ele isso era um processo natural mas os puristas já foram saindo com aquele nhên-nhên-nhên de fim dos tempos. Aí justifica-se o título desse álbum. Logo na primeira faixa ele faz questão de deixar bem claro: "And I do not play no rock 'n' roll, y'all, I just play the straight, natcha blues. And whenever you get somebody, you know, wants to plow for ya, you just call for Fred McDowell. I was raised on the farm, you understand. Now, the only way you can rock Fred you just put him in a rocking chair, just lay me down, you understand. That's my type of rockin'. And my type of blues, I play with a bottleneck. I first got this style from a beef bone, you understand. The rib would come out of a steak". Ele como eu, se é prá balançar, que seja numa cadeira de balanço.

Fred McDowell -guitarra,vocal
Jerry Puckett -baixo
Dulin Lancaster -bateria

CD 1
1 Baby Please Don't Go
2 Good Morning Little School Girl
3 Kokomo Me Baby
4 That's All Right Baby
5 Red Cross Store
6 Everybody's Down On Me
7 61 Highway
8 Glory Hallelujah
9 Jesus Is On The Mainline
10 Someday

CD 2
1 Write Me A Few Of Your Lines
2 Mortgage On My Soul
3 Baby Let Me Lay Down (In Your Cool Iron Bed)
4 Drop Down Mama
5 Rap/Louise
6 Somebody Keeps Callin' Me
7 Eyes Like An Eagle
8 My Baby She Gonna Jump And Shout
9 Long Line Skinner
10 Baby Please Don't Go (Alternate)

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